About Us

Hi, Hello!

We are Curvilux and everything we create we do it because we believe in you, and helping you unveil all your potential. That's why we create modern looking and smart furniture easy to use and powerful enough to become your best companion in a more natural smart home.

Our developments are driven by keeping things SIMPLE, SMART and NATURAL that feel intuitive and human. At Curvilux we see furniture in a different way, we believe furniture is the core of every home, and who doesn't love being home? Our first nightstand was just a precedent, to allow the future of connected homes and next-gen furniture take place with Too Collection.


Furniture that is kept simple in every single aspect, from its design to the way is manufactured. Because life is too intricate already to keep adding complexity.


Smart design means fewer materials, and cost optimization, but fundamentally powerful enough to help you create a more human home with the help of seamlessly, invisible and embedded technology for a better living.


Not only because of the certified materials we use but also because we aim to keep it and make it feel completely natural at home and in your daily life.

It all started back in 2015 when the original brothers and Co-founders found their self sharing a single nightstand, there they realized that there might be a better and more intuitive solution to the modern living at home. The Curvilux ONE was conceived to help Rodrigo and Juan do better at managing their daily devices at the moment of being in the bedroom either to start or end the day.




                   Made with ♥ in Argentina