Made out of certified solid wood

FSC certified, means that every piece of wood used to build our furniture comes from sustainably managed woods. The Too collection is made out of natural pine solid wood from sustainable plantations to make sure we are protecting forests for future generations.
We also finish our products with a natural wax that protects them from external factors without impacting on the environment.

Designed to optimize

From the amount of material we use to the machining hours it takes to make one of our unique pieces, we challenge ourselves to be one step closer to more sustainable 

  • We reduced 50% machining time from Curvilux ONE
  • Even reduced the amount of process it takes to finish one of our furniture.
  • We make use of materials that are ready to use avoiding extra processes like plastics injection that uses tons of water and electricity.
  • Designed to optimize the number of pieces made out of one board. 
  • Free of heavy metals, RoHs compliance***.
  • Flat pack design for high volume transportation avoiding extra fuel consumption 
  • Made out of sustainable solid wood grown in FSC certified forests.


No extra tools or glue required. With the twist of a simple fixing mechanism, your furniture will be up and running in less than it takes you to edit your next Instagram story 

Home is to be shared with your loved ones,
not complicated tech...

Some say home is where your phone automatically connects to wifi, we like saying that home is where we are authentic where we express ourselves, where we love sharing with our loved ones. That's why we are committed to creating products that potentiate that idea instead of adding technology that requires our attention and distracts us from important and invaluable moments.