Regarding the products (technical information and use cases)

How do i assemble it once outside the box?
Do i have to plug it to a wall outlet?
How do I know the table is ON, and what if it didn’t turned ON?
How do i turn on the lights?
What are the default buttons commands?
What if I accidentally spill some liquid on top of the nightstand?
Where is the wireless charger located?
Which devices can I charge with wireless charger? and what about Apple products?
Which USB port is for fast charging?
What are the products made of?
Can I clean it with conventional furniture cleaning products?
Do I always need to be connected with the app to use it?
The sensor is not detecting my movement.
What is the meaning of the light's color?
The nightstand is damage or I’m having problems with the manufacturing quality.
Where do I download the app?
Which mobile operating systems are supported?
I can’t download the app
Does it works via wifi or Bluetooth?
How do i connect the app with the table?
The app is not connecting with the table.
How do I know when is connected?
I’m connected but can’t turn on the lights, change the color or the settings
The app crashes, what should I do?
How do I set the motion sensing time range?
Con someone else connect to the table and control it?
How many alarms can I set?
Does the alarm works with the app closed?
The alarm sunrise function didn’t trigger at the time I set it.
Do I always need to keep the app open in the background?
Will Curvilux work when the app is running in the background or when the app is closed?

About the website

When am I receiving my nightstand?
How do I follow my shipping?
Shipping number not working
My discount code is not working
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