Real home control

The new collection is powered by a new app, now you can control all your devices without the need of being in the same room. Discover dozens of new features at the reach of your hand without the need of complicated settings.

Create new light scenes to enjoy each and every moment, gaming night? You got it!

Gaming mood

Movie night

Anti-monsters light

Integrated to the smart home ecosystem

Use Google to create alarms, set light moods and more in any of your Curvilux tables.

Ok. Turning Curvilux lights on.

Hey Google, turn on my nightstand lights

Integrated with Google Home app and Google assistant

Track important stuff at a glance

Wondering what's the temperature on your kid's room? or if someone is by your desk while you are out? Track that and more a glance: 

  •  Table updates
  •    Lights control
  •  Motion sensing
  •  Notifications management
  •   Buttons setup
  • Brightness control
  •    Temperature monitoring
  • Moods setup
  •  Routines control
  •  Smart home integration

Furniture that never gets old

Over the Air updates! Enjoying new app features is something we always love! so why not updated furniture? Now you not only get modern pieces but furniture that is gonna last much longer adapting and evolving with your needs.

Home is to be shared with your loved ones,
not your phone

The new Curvilux app was conceived with the idea that home is for humans, and technology should help us instead of distracting us from important things, enjoying with the loved ones.

Use the app to set the important functions and routines, and start living your home and interacting with furniture the same way you have been doing until now.