Too Desk

$499.00 $549.00
We envision and developed the perfect desk to get tasks done quicker by focusing on what matters first, with the help of suttle notifications and programmable touch buttons for those repetitive tasks.

One cable to charge it all

Remember when they removed the headphones jack? And when they told you USB C was the next thing?
We heard it and we are bringing it to you, not one but two USB C ports, one for regular and one for fast charging to charge even your laptop with its 65W output power.
Keep all your devices charged even when you are in a rush and no cords to save you!

Customizable touch buttons

Use them to turn on and off your desk lights, or easily set them to close your session when leaving the office, trigger that focusing playlist, up to your needs.**

Know that you count on Curvilux

The built-in sensors can help you in many ways. The best part, you can set it as you need it!
It´s late at night motion is detected on your desk means you are still at the office so your nightstand lights turn on simulating a presence routine at home. 

Focus on getting your job done

Don´t get distracted by your phone every time you receive a notification. Use the top lights to quickly notify you at a glance, an email, movement detection or an important reminder. You can also combine it with a sonorous notification to make sure received it!**



23.6 in (W), 47.2 in (L), 27 in (H) - 60 cm (W), 120 cm(L), 70 cm (H)


20 lbs- 9 kg


100% solid Radiata pine wood


Acrylic and HPL surface. Wood treated with natural wax.


WiFi 802.11 n (2.4 GHz), up to 150 Mbps


iOS and Android™


No battery inside. Permanent connection via included 12 Volt power supply.


1 X 65-watt fast charging & 1 X 12-watt regular charging.


Temperature, motion, brightness, capacitive buttons and charging detection.

QI wireless charger

10 watt with a triple coil for a larger charging area.

Inside the box

1x complete furniture with fixing tools; 1x power supply; 1x USB C to USB A adaptor; cable fixing straps.


A top stripe of RGB LEDs (accepts color change); bottom light builds out of warm white LEDs (no color change).