Too nightstand

$349.00 $399.00
The TOO nightstand was conceived with the goal of helping us feel better and full of energy, starting and ending each day with a positive vibe. Set the ambiance, charge your devices and wake up to a perfect sunrise alarm.

Borned 4 years ago, here we go again!

Back in 2015, we come up with the first smart nightstand, the Curvilux ONE. Now in 2019 we are bringig you the evolution of it! 

-A more subtle bottom light for waking up at night or helping your kids be safe from monsters while they fall asleep.

-A brighter and multi-purpose top light with powerful and better LED´s to set a sleeping mood or simulate a perfect sunrise. 

USB C to have everything
juiced up to go.

USB C, a powerful single cable to charge it all!
Too Collection nows includes two ports to have you ready for the next day. Your phone, your laptop, your watch, or any other daily gear you usually carry with you, always charged! 

know what's going on,
every time!

Want to make sure your kids are warm? Or don´t remember if you left your watch charging at home?

Every Curvilux now includes a series of built-in sensors to keep you updated of all important things. 

Check if you left your watch charging at the office

Keep track of your homes temperature

Auto-adjust light brightness based on the ambiance

One button, infinite possibilities

We all have different routines and needs, your kids might want to remotely turn the bathroom light on, your grandfather call for help and you, you can do anything you want*:

☑ Remotely toggle your smart bulbs. 
☑ Unlock the front door.
☑ Set a light mood.
☑ Trigger your favourite series on your TV.
☑ Ask for a ride.
☑ Order a Pizza or beers while watching the Superbowl.
☑Or simply mute all your devices when ready to sleep

*integration functionalities might not be already included when in pre-order. Integrations coming according to app updates.

We watch your steps for you

Saving pinky toe lives since 2015 with Curvilux ONE; now use the motion sensor not only to turn on the nightstand lights but trigger any other action:

"Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and having your bathroom light turned on, or getting alert messages when someone just steps into your home. Just imagine the situation, set the sensor and make the most out of it!



19.5 in (W), 19.5 in (L), 20 in (H) - 50 cm (W), 50 cm(L), 52 cm (H)


10 lbs- 5 kg


100% solid Radiata pine wood


Acrylic and HPL surface. Wood treated with natural wax.


WiFi 802.11 n (2.4 GHz), up to 150 Mbps


iOS and Android™


No battery inside. Permanent connection via included 12 Volt power supply.


1 X 65 Watt fast charging & 1 X 12-watt regular charging.


Temperature, motion, brightness, capacitive buttons and charging detection.

QI wireless charger

10 watt with a triple coil for a larger charging area.

Inside the box

1x complete furniture with fixing tools; 1x power supply; 1x USB C to USB A adaptor; cable fixing straps.


A top stripe of RGB LEDs (accepts color change); bottom light builds out of warm white LEDs (no color change).